I kept biting them, they said you weren't real

a girl so in love with the wrong world

ramblingicons is my icon journal. eventhealphabet is where I put (other people's) poetry.

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absolutely no decorum, androgyny, answers = questions, art nouveau, awkwardly female, bare feet, bed-sheet forts, buildings at night, cats, cheekbones, clothes-off-or-fist-on?, collarbones, constellations, corsets, dancing with bell anklets, drag kings, dressing up, eyeliner, fairy tales, feral lovely things, finding the perfect song, francesca lia block, friday nights with darren, gavin friday, gender bending, glam rock, glamour bombing, gloves, i think you'll find, listening to people breathing, longer-than-most-marriages, loud music, mikeymine, patrick wolf, pleasure, poetry, polka dots, pulling-all-nighters-with-emily, queer punk, rain, road trips, sexual tension, silly beautiful things, smoking to good music, staking my claim, surrealism, swinging my hips, tattoos, tea, tea with milk, the virgin prunes, tori amos, your lovely playground, ಠ_ಠ